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 Is Ceramic Coating Good For Your Car ?

Is Ceramic Coating Good For Your Car ?

Is it ?

Ceramic coatings are great at protecting vehicles from common environmental contaminants that cause oxidation, premature aging, swirling and marring. Ceramic coatings bond with the existing coat of a vehicle and forms a rigid shield that is unable to be rubbed, wiped or washed off and can only be removed by abrasion. These coatings provide added protection from common premature aging contaminants and substances. From UV protection, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, stain resistance, scratch resistance and added durability and gloss, this innovative protective coating adds both short and long term benefits while making your car look great!

Ceramic coatings are not just good for your vehicle – they’re great for your vehicle. From motorcycles, roadsters, coupes, sedans, SUVS and trucks, Ceramic Pro provides top-of-the-line coatings to protect vehicles from premature aging while reducing wash times and making cleanups a breeze. One of the many benefits of the coating is the fact that Ceramic Pro coatings add additional hardness to the surface of the coat. This added hardness allows the paint coat to be more protected enabling the exterior ceramic coat to take the brunt of the punishment. So what does this mean for your paint coat? Simply put, the ceramic coating acts as a shield and damage caused by scratching or the likes can easily be removed with polishing services. These polishing services only polish the exterior ceramic coat leaving the factory paint in pristine condition.

Apart from the blemish resistant properties, Ceramic Pro is specifically formatted and engineered to never damage or the clear coat or existing paint. This results in a protective coat that keeps the previous coat in pristine condition. Instead of damaging the coat, it protects the vehicle from unsightly blemish causing contaminants. This is a great way to preserve the beautiful characteristics of a paint job, resist blemishes and improve the resale value of a vehicle. If you think that keeping a vehicle in elite aesthetic condition then ceramic coatings are not only good for vehicles, but rather great.

Are there any long-term drawbacks of Ceramic Coatings?

The biggest long-term drawbacks of ceramic coating are the lengths of warranty of each package, the expected life of the vehicle and the future resale intentions of the owner. Certain packages are backed by shorter warranties, but our top of the line package protects vehicles for the lifetime of the vehicle!  With the added ceramic coat and extreme hardness of the coat, the only drawbacks come from the warranties that coincide with each respective package. With the Ceramic Pro Gold Package, you can avoid this drawback as the Gold Package is backed by an industry innovative lifetime warranty. The warranties for each of our Ceramic Pro coating packages can be found below

  • Ceramic Pro Sport – 6 Month Warranty
  • Ceramic Pro Bronze – 2 Year Warranty
  • Ceramic Pro Silver – 5 Year Warranty
  • Ceramic Pro Gold – Lifetime Warranty

Additional long-term drawbacks of the vehicle involve the goals and expectations of a prospective owner. For drivers that are more likely to own vehicles for shorter periods of time, packages like the Ceramic Pro Bronze or Ceramic Pro Silver might be better suited for their needs. Since these lower tier packages have lesser warranties and less expensive price tags these packages are great for the leasee and the individual that enjoys owning their vehicles for shorter periods of time.  However, one of the beautiful aspects of Ceramic Pro is that it is the only ceramic coating that can be registered by Car Fax ®. This registration shows up on any Carfax report and can help increase the resale value of a vehicle.

Any additional long term drawbacks of Ceramic Coatings are far outweighed by the benefits of this innovative coating. If keeping the vehicle in great condition without compromising style or adding bulkier films is a top priority, then the addition of ceramic coatings can greatly benefit your vehicular protection goals. Although not as a robust as paint protection films, ceramic coatings offer something that paint protection film can’t provide. The invisible liquid coating hardens and cures on the surface to form an invisible protective coating. It’s this invisible protective coat that separates ceramic coating from paint protection films. By creating a coat that is invisible to the human eye, you’ll add valuable long-term protection without ever compromising style.

Will Ceramic Pro Hurt My Car’s Resale Value?

Absolutely not! In fact, adding Ceramic Pro to the exterior of a vehicle can only help maintain and increase the resale value. With the addition of Ceramic Pro to a vehicle, the car adds an incredibly valuable layer of nano-ceramic coating that mitigates damage, provides added UV protection and minimizes premature aging. This added protection results in a coat that allows vehicles to better maintain their factory paint jobs resulting in better looking, less damaged coats. If reselling a vehicle and obtaining the maximum return on the vehicle, then the addition of Ceramic Pro can greatly assist in adding resale value to the vehicle, not hurt it.

As previously mentioned in this article, Ceramic Pro is the only Ceramic Coating that is approved and able to be registered by Car Fax. The Car Fax verification allows any owner of a Ceramic Pro coated vehicle to register the vehicle with the company, and in turn facilitates the vehicle to show up in Car Fax® history reports. For cars that have extended amounts of time remaining on their package warranties this can only help increase the resale amount of the vehicle, not hurt it.

The UV protective qualities enable the coat to remain intact for far greater periods of time compared to a coat of a non-protected vehicle. These ceramic coatings assist the owner in maintenance and resists minor road projectiles and blemish causing materials from causing the same sort of blemishes that an unprotected surface may require. By resisting thee blemish causing contaminants, vehicles generally tend to sell for higher rates than their non-ceramic coated protectors as they look far better.

This article originally appeared at : https://ceramicpro.com/is-ceramic-coating-good-for-your-car/

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